Bucket list: #21 Get Baptised again!

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It feels a bit eerie writing this again…

Hey Kings and Queens!

It feels so weird writing this all up again, not because it’s the last day of March and I got baptised mid November last year, but because the last time I attempted to upload a post about my baptism, my website broke!

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But I’m going to see how this goes, because I was looking at my bucket list recently and I realised that there are a few things that I’ve already managed to do since originally writing it!

Getting Baptised again is one of them.

For anyone who is a Christian you’re probably thinking “why did you get baptised again?”

The answer?

I’m not sure it was valid the first time around… I was 13 at the time and had (still has) a slight fear of water on my face. So when good ol’ Pastor Johnson asked 13-year-old me if I accept God as my personal saviour my answer was something along the lines of:


In all honesty I wasn’t thinking about my old life dying I was more concerned with water getting into my lungs and drowning me to death right there and then.

Fast forward to when I came to uni and “back-slided” in first year into a really, really dark place, I once again called on G-Man and ever since I was constantly called to get baptised so I went with it!

I got dunked in God’s holy juice and life has been fabulous ever since!

Well, apart from little pitfalls here and there, life has be going swimmingly and I have met some absolutely amazing people in church, who have almost become a sort of support group.

I feel as though I should talk about why Christians get baptised. Once someone is old enough to decide that they want to be a Christian, they say a personalised prayer which is them devoting their lives to God. (In a way the baptism is already done there because their heart is renewed) but most christians decide to get baptised in water this is a public show of them committing their lives to Christ and symbolically, they’re going into the water with their old life and coming out with the start of a new one!

I say start because being baptised doesn’t suddenly mean you’re detached from the all the sins of the world. I wish. I really do.

But now you’re all clued up on why I did it, I have a video of me getting baptised.

Even though I forgot to hold my nose I think this time I concentrated more on the ending of my “old life” than the possibility of sudden death and can confirm that this is it in terms of getting baptised!




Wamiri x


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