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wamiri x next to title which reads a new start, I broke my website

Is March too late to start your new year’s resolutions!?

Hi Kings and Queens!

There I was at the end of 2016, freshly baptised having been dipped in a holy bath only a month before when I decided to take my blog seriously and I made the commitment to blog each day in January. To get the ball rolling – as you do.

But me being me, I managed to totally mess up my coding and somehow I broke my website to the point that it wasn’t even letting me log into wordpress!

I don’t know if it’s the black in me but I just don’t like spending money if there’s a chance I can do it myself!


So after spending what felt like forever on the hostgator live help chat thing, (which is actually great BTW) waiting for someone to help me I finally regained control and was able to see my beautiful website…

But my website was gone. It was gone.

I somehow managed to fudge everything up so badly that the poor person who helped me had to reset everything!

I felt like how a person might feel if they excitedly burst open their freezer expecting to see half a tub of ice cream only to suddenly remember that they ate it all.

Sad and slightly hungry.

Even now I’m teetering on the line of being salty that a whole year’s worth of learning basic coding had disappeared and also being grateful that I was finally able to log in again.

Not that it matters anyway because right now it’s 24th May 2017 and my blog was fixed about a week before Christmas 2016.

Dear Lord!

In my defence though, the period between January and and now has hands down been the worst few months of my entire adult life.

In just a short few hell-ridden months my sleeping pattern went down the drain and then further down to the other side of the world, my health deteriorated drastically and my financial situation become one big comedy show.

Hastily looking on from all of that though, it’s not too late for me to start my year again, is it?

So what if it’s technically spring, new season, new me right?

*ahem* I think that’s how it goes…

Realistically speaking, I think it’s pretty far fetched for me to promise myself that I’d do a post a day because,

  1. It’s exam season so… yeah
  2. I’m lazy AF
  3. More blogging means less time eating and if you follow me on Instagram then you know what I mean!

Also, seeing as I’ve now moved out of my old flat into a cosy new one, finished a vigorous course of antibiotics, I’m doing more yoga, sleeping better than a baby and  drinking twice my body weight in water (not holy, unfortunately)  maybe right now is really the best time for a new start.

Maybe, just maybe this is exactly what I need and as usual, there’s no better better place to broadcast it all than the world stage that is the internet!

But what do you think? Is March too late to start afresh?

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